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www.studymadesimple.in is focused on being the leading interactive e-learning company providing advanced skills development to the corporations and individuals around the globe through online training courses at incredible prices. Our mission is to continue to be the best e-Learning company by offering the best, most affordable online education products.

www.studymadesimple.in offers comprehensive courses and assessments that enable individuals and enterprise organizations alike to receive the training they need efficiently. Our e-learning courses feature quality content, interactive simulations, graphics and quizzes, making learning interesting and effective. Our interactive e-Learning allows you to take courses anytime, anywhere.

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Subjects : EVS, Science, Mathematics. (Course Price : 1999.00/- per Year)

E-Learning 11th & 12th(Science) Student’s

Subjects : PCMB – State Board & CBSE (Course Price : 1999.00/- per Year)

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